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Fibre Optic Testing


Rogers Energy Services are the experts in fibre optic testing & termination.

For residents in South East Queensland, including areas like Miles, Brisbane, Manly, the Gold Coast and beyond, Rogers Energy Services are the ones to trust with fibre optic testing & termination. Since we began operating in 2016, we’ve undertaken a range of fibre optic testing and termination projects. We’ve worked on large commercial sites with companies like Downer and Santos, where we conducted fibre optic termination and testing in Roma. Our fibre optic testing experience continued in the Arcadia Valley Compressor Station, as well as fibre optic installation on the Roma East Backbone Project.

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What is fibre optic testing?

Fibre optic testing is used to evaluate the performance of fibre optic components, cable plants and systems. Rogers Energy Services have years of experience with fibre optic testing and strictly adhere to all safety guidelines to ensure there are no on-site incidents. In 2018 alone, Rogers Energy Services laid 35km of fibre optic cable incident-free.


What is fibre optic termination?

Fibre optic termination refers to the physical termination of a length of a fibre optic cable into a type of connector. The reason fibre optic termination is used is to either create a connection to a transceiver or device, to splice two cables into one longer cable or to multiplex a cable so that it can move more branches. Rogers Energy Services proudly provide fibre optic termination from Brisbane to Miles, Toowoomba, the Gold Coast and beyond.

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We proudly offer much more than fibre optic testing & termination here at Rogers Energy Services. We’ve built up our fleet of sucker trucks for hire since we began operation in 2016, and proudly have 3000L vacuum trucks for hire, 6000L vacuum trucks for hire and 8000L vacuum trucks for hire. Rogers Energy Services also offer non destructive digging services such as trenching, potholing, general vacuum excavation and more.

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If you’re looking to speak with an experienced operator about fibre optic testing and termination, look no further than the team at Rogers Energy Services. We’ll happily provide you with expert advice and an obligation-free quote to get your next project underway.


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